destination nursery

Those who seek out Select Horticulture share our passion 
for stunning plant material. We offer a comprehensive 
inventory of premium quality trees and shrubs, and 
specialize in large sizes and unusual specimens.

Many of our clients refer to our 38-acre destination 
nursery in Lancaster, Massachusetts as a gallery because
of the 
display of such awe-inspiring specimens. The
aligned rows of mature trees and shrubs reflect
the care 
and pride of our thoughtful and committed team.

Our clientele believe that quality isn’t enough. Unmatched 
quality is needed to elevate their highest profile projects 
above their peers’, defining their success as landscape 
architects, designers and contractors.

And of course, the level of personal attention and the 
comprehensive services we offer are what one would 
expect from a boutique built around the needs and
wants of the most discerning professionals. 

Select Horticulture. 
Confidence in quality. 
Confidence in differentiation. 
Confidence in service.